Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Local Artist Wins Honorable Mention at Her First Art Festival

The art that you see above and to the right belongs to a high school mathematics teacher turned artist, Kimberly Hansel. She is a local artist participating in her first art festival in Chicago and winning honorable mention in the emerging artists section. This talented artist never came from a lineage of artists, yet, developed her ability and love for art at the early age of nine. The beauty of her art did not come from studying art or taking painting class, she believes art is a natural talent and has only taken one art class in her life. During her junior year in high school she took a level one drawing course and for her first project she was paid fifty dollars to complete a life-size drawing of Mark Twain for an elementary school located in Illinois. Now she travels around the United States from art festival to art festival spewing out her passion onto the canvas. Her goal, as an artist, is to evoke emotion through the movement within her artwork.
Her parents told her she would never make any money in the art field and that she needed to get a ‘real job.’ She responded to that by saying, “Why get a job that you hate, when you can make a living doing what you love most?” She is on her way to doing just that and she described the theme for the two paintings shown (Above: acrylic, Right: watercolor), “Both paintings represent a path leading to a higher place (taking the higher road), but there are rough patches along the way that each of us encounter on a daily basis. Eventually, we must return to the path that will lead us into a spiritual awakening and, in turn, help us make noble, respectable decision pertaining to our lives.”

Art Festival Examiner

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